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You live in Ivory Coast, you need parts and accessories for your car , your motorbike or your scooter ? You want to offer a luxury bag to your wife? You dream to buy the latest Apple Iphone ? Or you are a business and you need merchandise from France or Europe? P>

But when you wanted to order these products online, the website said it did not deliver in Ivory Coast? That your Ivory Coast delivery address was refused? That your payment method was rejected? Or you realized that the shipping costs were exorbitant ? The delays far too long? P>

We can respond to all these blockages, how? By creating a personal delivery address in France. You will now be able to receive in Ivory Coast all your preferred French products And this in total safety. Sign up quickly on the site and start buying with confidence, You can redirect your packages to Ivory Coast as soon as possible. It's easy, fast and secure. P>

So do not hesitate, register and forward the orders. P>

To facilitate your clearance at the Ivory Coast, you can contact our partner in your country : Ivory Coast: p>

AGBODJAN-PRINCE SEWA DEMANYALA Global Services Logistics sarl(GSL) Directeur des Opérations Secteur 24, Avenue BABANGUIDA lot N° 21 Parcelle 15 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso Tél (S) : 00 (226) 25 37 35 35 Mobile : 00 (226)78 03 37 88 / 70 33 47 68 / 74 57 26 56 E-mail : / skype :Sewa Demanyala AGBODJAN PRINCE P>

To be able to pay your purchases in euros from Ivory Coast, you can contact our partner present in your country Ivory Coast: p>


If you have any questions about iShip4You reshipment services, you are free to contact us via our contact card or our email: or simply by consulting our fair To the questions. p>

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